The World's Largest Horseshoe Crab
                   Scripture Garden
The Horseshoe Crab, an exact replica to
scale of the creatures that crawl up on the
beach, was created by a specialty sci-fi
company with Disney connections, for the
Baltimore Columbus Center Maritime
Museum in Baltimore Maryland. Obtained by
the Creation Museum and donated to
Freedom Worship in 2006.

The World's Largest Horseshoe Crab
Ranking#17 out of 200 Sites to see in the
State of Ohio. Nationally reconized by CNN,
Roadside Traveler, Dayton Daily News,
Local channel 12, The Columbus Dispatch
and hundreds of news sites around the
globe. Visited by thousands each year.  
The Scripture Garden
A beautiful garden featuring plaques
depicting the 6 days of Creation,
plants found in the Bible, a fossil
courtyard and a great place to relax.
crab Facts
Measurements: 68 foot long
(head to tail) 24 foot wide- 12
foot tall
Can house up to 65 adults under
it's shell
Has been featured for Vacation
Bible Adventure- Weddings-
Album cover shoots- Special
events- CrabFest and much
The horseshoe crab splinters the
evolutionary theory as it has not
changed( as the fossil record
shows) since it's creation on Day
Calvary's Hill & Garden Tomb
An incredible and beautiful
recreation of Calvary's Hill
can be found just past the
World's Largest  Horseshoe
crab. The Garden Tomb is an
awesome recreation of
Jerusalem's empty tomb.
These sites are quickly
becoming a focal point and
a place of  prayer and
meditation- day & night!
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